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My goal is to provide each of my clients with personal service, while paying attention to their goals and needs. Each of my client’s has the freedom to ask questions throughout the transaction. The experience will be positive and enjoyable without the fear of unexpected billing.


I strive to redefine the traditional outdated law firm experience from my father’s time (he was an excellent lawyer but wouldn’t approve of this casual approach with my clients). With a dedication to simplicity, clarity, and client-focused service, my practice seeks to modernize legal guidance. My name is Faizel Bandali Jaffer, and this is my Professional Corporation where we strive to deliver excellence in Real Estate, Intellectual Property and Business Law matters. Welcome.

My Commitment to You:
  • Upfront Billing: Say goodbye to the uncertainty of hourly rates.
  • Personal Service: You are unique as are your legal needs. I offer tailored advice and dedicated attention.
  • Diverse Expertise: I’ve had the pleasure of working with broad clientele range from individuals to international corporations. From international recording artists, corporations who work and operate cross border to restaurant chains and mom and pops. I’ve seen it before and will walk you through your transaction, whatever it is.


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Intellectual Property Law

Navigate the complex world of intellectual property with confidence. Reach out for guidance with Trademarks in Canada, the United States and worldwide. If nothing else, let me explain why a trademark matters and the reason why its an essential investment if your business.

Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions can be daunting but they don’t need to be. Reach out for your commercial or residential matters, let’s chat and see what needs to be done.

Corporate Law

Your business deserves robust legal backing. Whether you’re looking to purchase, restructure, sell or take on a partner we should have a discussion. This conversation might be the most important once you’ve had in a long time.


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About Faizel Bandali Jaffer




I’ve always had a passion for law, but I knew early on that being a good lawyer meant more than simply attending law school and being called to the Bar. A good lawyer needs a well-rounded understanding of all the implications of their advice. A strong understanding of business would be a key component to giving meaningful guidance.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Toronto. After getting some business experience under my belt, I pursued my M.B.A at the Schulich School of Business. Finally, I knew law was the final step, I ventured off to England and pursued my LL.B at the University of Leicester. Well, fast forward many exciting work experiences and years since and here I am. Its been interesting and fascinating and I’m ready to help you get on with what needs to be done to make your ambitions come true.



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