Intellectual Property Law


Intellectual Property Law

We understand the critical importance of safeguarding your unique ideas and creative expressions. Our Intellectual Property legal services are specifically designed to protect and empower your innovations.

Trademark Registration and Protection:
  • Strategic Trademark Registration: Protect your brand's identity against infringement with an effective trademark strategy. I’m a Registered Trademark Agent in Canada and have affiliate relationships in the United States and internationally. Whatever you’re looking to do, let’s figure it out together.
Comprehensive Trademark Services:
  • Trademark 101: Get guidance on the basics of trademarks and their significance.
  • Application Assistance: Receive help with existing trademark applications and understanding the process.
  • Responding to Correspondence: Assistance with communications from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.
  • Cost Transparency: Clear information on the costs for preparing and filing a trademark application in Canada.
US Trademark Matters:
  • US Prosecution and Litigation Expertise: Specialized experience in managing US trademark matters.
  • Guidance on US Trademark Registration:Advising on how to file and register a trademark in the United States. Specialized experience in managing US trademark matters.